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Meet our team

Will Farley Will Farley | Lead Pastor
Rich Kendall Rich Kendall | Student Ministries Pastor
Brian Pierce Brian Pierce | Worship Director
Ralph Harris Ralph Harris | Pastor/Elder
Stacy Lam Stacy Lam | Kids Way Director
Clare Pennington Clare Pennington | Connections Director
John Nettles John Nettles | Elder
Marlon Briggs Marlon Briggs | Elder
Eric Eppley Eric Eppley | Elder
Jake Bushka Jake Bushka | Elder


Jeff Scannell - Security

Jake Bushka - Set-up & Breakdown

Clare Pennington - Hospitality

Karen Sinclair - Admin

John Nettles - Men's Ministry


Jeff Scannell

Joe Gueck

Allison Brindley

Eric Brindley

Kip Fleury