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Mission & Values

The Way Bible Church exists to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ


We live to love

Love is the motive of everything we do. It shapes and directs all of our actions and responses. We are able to love despite wrongdoings and injustices because of God's example of how He loves us.


We do life together

We are designed to live in community with one another. Our church family bears one another's burdens, shares one another's joys, celebrates one another's victories, and meets one another's needs. We are a family that thrives on authenticity and belonging. We believe that life is better together.


We pursue and declare truth

The world glorifies subjective truths, but we know that there is only one true reality. The truth that Jesus is our Savior is the only thing that can bring freedom. We value this freedom so much that we are willing to stand firm to the truth God provides despite how countercultural it may be.


We meet the needs of otherS

We actively pursue the needs of our church family and the community. Because of the freedom we have in Christ, we demonstrate love by serving one another. We believe that serving our neighbors and community provides us the opportunity to declare the Gospel through our actions and words.