Help make it possible for others to see and experience Jesus

At the Way, we believe serving is a practical way to live out the Gospel and make a difference in someones life, whether in our own church family, our community, or globally. Our volunteers are the very heartbeat of our church. We have the best team of gifted, hardworking helpers, who give their time, energy and talents so generously. We literally could not do it with out their dedication, creative minds and muscles. When you volunteer, you are not just showing up to serve coffee, hold the door open, or teach a Bible lesson to a child, you are inviting a person in to know and experience Jesus (and for some, this might be the first time they are hearing about Him!) What a honor. 

If you have chosen to make The Way your church, serving is an easy way to make it feel like home! We invite you to join our team and get plugged in. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet more of our family, love, pray and support one another, and have some fun serving together. We think you will find that when you are generous with your time, your life is positively impacted just as much (or even more) as those you are serving.

We are always looking for new helpers to join our team. There is a wide variety of opportunities; something for everyone! Unsure of where to start? Contact us using the form below and we would love to help you discover the unique giftings God has created within you!